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4children by Sannemarie

”Hoppedut and hoppedat, raketskij, bird and star hat. Come now wind and lead me
down. I must go to Heart Walley. Little Snail must up his tail.
Vupti hop – 7 – 8 – 9- 10. So, mr. Wind send a wind!”

Welcome to 4children by Sannemarie the showroom to a magical universe for kids and the young at heart with the sale of paintings, posters, postcards, stories, songs, fun learning books with music, rhymes and chants, personal paintings, poems and much, much more.

My vision is to provide you and your children a magical experience, so You set out on your own creative journey.
I paint gladly a personal painting for your child
Creativity days for older children

Something in the air

Prinsess Swan

Lotus Swan

Oh, Happy Day

Swan in golden rain

Swan nesting

Swan in feathers rain

The Swan Pax
Trompet swan

Swan Fall

Birthday Swan

Swan in fuld bloom


They have feather on

3 small swans

3 swans by spruce

3 happy swans

Swan Angel

3 Eastern Swans
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Trompet Swan  

”Elfsdit, elfsdut, bird song and shooting star. Elfs Angel find the way. Come so you can help me.
I must high up on the hat. 10 and 9 and 8 and fly - up - Vupti hop”
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