"The light of the consciousness shows its way through the darkness of ignorance"

About me

My name is Sannemarie Skytte. I’m a trained secretary, art therapist and healer. A self-taught lyricist, painter, composer and singer.
Since 1995 I have been working art-therapeutically  with myself by using voice, song, music, body, movement, sound, intuitive paintings, dreams and meditation, which have lead me to seeing my life purpose clearly

Life purpose and strength
My life purpose is to promote man's development through their own creativity - to create expressions and hence consciousness / self-insight. Help finding your way to its innermost core / internal senses and hence its power and strength. To help see and understand the karmic roots we have in this life. How they keep us trapped in the subconscious patterns that prevent us to express ourselves freely and to clearly see our life purpose.

My strength is
, that I live what I teach. That I through the pictures, coaching, art therapy, healing and sound healing can lead the way to self-insight, which helps you through a transformative emotional redemption that can create lasting profound changes in your life!

My way

1995 art therapist, Institute of Arttherapi. 1996/97 Healerskolen and NLP Communication. 1997/98 courses by Richard Moss, USA ‚Äď a light sopranos breaks through.
Since 1999 succesfully worked with healing and sound healing.
held art therapy courses, individual sessions with clients, group processes and creativity days for children at schools.
Painted, sold and exhibited paintings and written poems.
Since 2005 words, colors, sounds, music and meditation has been the main ingredients in my work. The creative process was completed in 2006, when I began to create music.
Paintings emerge from the sound of the words and the music.
My voice is the instrument through which, it is borne
From 2008 I have created an entire universe for children by play with numbers and letters with their songs, rhymes, stories and various illustrations

My goal
My goal with the art is to create poetry with sound and colors in music and picture, which penetrate in and heals the deepest layers in the soul and appeals to the use of all senses.
This is for me the future healing
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