Your way to selfinsight

Er Are you stressed, lacks focus, energy and overview of your everyday life?
Often tired, distracted, lethargic, ill, unbalanced and moody?
As art therapist I can help you through your creativity and the expression you create, breathing and meditation to brand yourself, to get yourself insights through which you are made aware of your resources and your power and strength. This allows you to become more present and focused and thus better able to navigate through life.By simple breathing exercises, guided meditation and creative expression, we’ll find out:

Where are you right now

Where are you going

Where do you want to go

What is the time perspective

What hinders you

What gives you joy

Did you know that stress, pain and disease arise from accumulated energy?

Healing picture
Get painted your personal healing picture, that shows you, where you stand right here and now in your life. It's a tool, that helps you to find to the core of your particular problem.
Or we can go specifically into a desired theme

Self-insight group*
This is a self-help group, where we paint and meditates. We work with the balance within and between the chakras, breathing, the grounding, and being present in what is right NOW.
A course of 6 times 3 hours for up to 6 people Starts 16.10.2013

"I Am" meditation group*
Through meditation and breathing we work with the balance and quality in the individual chakras, also thymus, as you expresses in your personal chakra pictures.
A course of 10 times 3 hours for op to 6 people Starts 17.10.2013

The Art in expression
You get the opportunity to feel which strenght, that lies hidden in the creative expression. Through meditation, music, word, body- og sense exercises you comein and feel, your power and strenght, that expressed through intuitive pantings and possibly words.
We look at the theme and the connection in your paintings.
Day course from 10 - 16 for up to 10 personer 27.10.2013 og 14.12.2013
weekend course Satyrday 10 - 16 Sunday 9 - 15

Creativity day

ffor older children, schoolchildren, teachers and educators
Are you aware of, what power and strenght that lies hidden in the creative space ?
This creativity day aims to open the door to yours or your students creative space. Through colors, play, words, fantasy journey or meditation and breathing we make simple excersises, where you feel the power, strenght and balance, you can achieve by unfold yourself creative.
Experience how little it takes to keep this door open. This can create more balance in your daily life, thus giving you more energy and vitality.
Day course for students from 10 - 14 for teachers and educaders from 9 - 16
Kurset kan afholdes på din skole

At all courses we work with oil or soft pastels (chalk) on paper
I look forward to get go know you

Individuel sessions, groups and courses

*Registration is binding for all groups
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