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In 2008 came the words "SunSongSwanwe3" to me. Then I saw the swan with sun rays on the head, and my symbol for mucis in the body. For me is the swan a beautiful symbol for love, purity, strenght, beauty, pride, glory, transformation, powerfulness and poetry.
This opened up a whole new world of paintings with swans, songs, lyrichs etc.
I feel, like I in a new way conveys a inner message out.

In 2013 opened another new world for me, where I had and still have the feel of, that nature comes to me and into me. By that I mean, that I through momentary proximity with the motif, conveys something external in, which transformed and again passes through the TheNaturesMoments, which I choose to call the process.
This has opened a fantastic door of spacious natural greatness in me, which I would like to share with you.

Dandelion RainPearls Bridge
AtumnMood Goslings NewLife
BeautifulTree 2Trees Poternen

Soon it will be possible to bye my photo art as posters and postcards

  "What you can, or dream you can, throw yourself into it.
Boldness holds magic, power and witchcraft in it" Goethe
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